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Where were you born?

Ashtabula, OH

Where did you grow up?

All over! My Dad worked for General Tire and every time he got promoted we had to move. I spent most of my time in Chicago and Southern California.

Where have you lived other than Cleveland?

In my “out of parent’s house” years: Milwaukee, San Bernardino, Detroit, Washington DC…

What was your last non-radio job?

Still got it: Mobile DJ/Karaoke Host for
Amalon Entertainment. Fun discovering new talent, and it keeps me current musically. Also love being included on the most important day of someone’s life (wedding, graduation, etc.) To be invited to share and watch my work make someone that much happier….that’s pretty cool.

How do you spend your time outside the station?

Love being at home, because I am out so much…love to cook, read, play Scrabble or cards, watch movies, play with my big dog, Bailey and hanging out with my kids. When not at home: shopping. Yup.

Who are your favorite Cleveland artists, past or present?

My husband Frank Amato is the Lead Singer for the band Beau Coup, so they have a special place in my heart. Other locals I love include: Steve Jochum, Cats on Holiday (saw them at a Charity Event and never forgot them!) and Paul Wolf Christensen. I also LOVE Thrills and Company from the 70’s. A Funk/Rock fusion band featuring Neil Giraldo and Frank Amato. Their mixing of cultures and musical genres was way before their time.

What was your first concert?

Bad Company with opener: REO Speedwagon, 1976. Snuck out of the house…got caught…busted…BUT it was so worth it…the concert showed me my world…what I wanted to be a part of for the rest of my life. Both bands are among my favorites today, by the way.

What is the first album you ever bought?

My friends and I used to buy each other records for every occasion and have listening parties…but the one that stands out to me is “In the Heat of the Night,” Pat Benatar. My twin sister, Linda, and I would fight over our favorites on our cassette machine in the bathroom… We would be getting ready for dates, etc. and it was either Pat or Heart…great memories.

What are your favorite movies?

Wow…tough one. Moonstruck with Cher comes to mind because her talent is astounding…acts, sings….and since my husband’s family is Italian, the references are right on. I just LOVED Almost Famous…the story…the Cleveland connection…the music. A definite “must-see…”

What are your favorite TV shows, past or present?

TV was a big part of my life. Right now I love most everything on Showtime: Shameless, I’m Dying Up Here, Ray Donovan, to name a few. Guilty pleasures include The Real Housewives of NYC and Beverly Hills, but I rarely sit through and entire episode. I try to catch Judge Judy when I can (she is such a bitch but in a really great way…) Really enjoy home remodeling shows on HGTV and Top Chef on Bravo. Growing up it was Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family.

Who are your favorite authors? 

So many…depends on my mood…but my go-to is John Grisham. He writes so vividly that the movies made of his books are disappointing. I always have other actors in mind for the people he describes and the films always leave so much out! Read the books instead!

What is your favorite time-wasting website?

Words With Friends 2 (it’s an app but you can play on line too.) I’d have to mention Facebook as well…keeping up with that can be a full-time job!

What is on your bucket list?

Travel to Europe, esp. Spain (for the food!)

Who are your heroes? 

My mom. She’s amazing. Hip, smart, fun, cute but she never let you forget that she is the boss. Very loving and kind.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Chocolate (and carbs on my cheat day!)

What quotes(s) do you live by?

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I hate sweet potatoes. Yuck.

What inspires you?

Great music! When I hear something new that really catches my ear, I can’t get enough of it! I want to know more and hear more…

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

27, that was my best year by far.

If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?

Playing piano and guitar. I do both, but not well. Should have kept up with the lessons as a kid but I was busy with gymnatics and cheerleading. Typical.

What brings you the greatest joy?

My kids. It’s funny: I think about them watching their crazy Rock and Roll parents partying and having fun while they were growing up…it was frantic, noisy and messy but Frank was a great stay-at-home Dad while Mom was out doing the Radio Thing… Today, they are fantastic people. Real citizens! How did THAT happen?!

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

From my Dad: “Pay yourself first! Set 20% of your income aside as savings.” Too bad I never did that…

Lisa Dillon
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